One Mind at Work Hosts Employers, Researchers, and Experts at Second Annual Global Convening

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Contact: Katy Schneider Riddick

One Mind at Work Hosts Employers, Researchers, and Experts at Second Annual Global Convening

RUTHERFORD, CA (September 17, 2018) – Employer-based mental health coalition One Mind Initiative at Work held its second annual convening this week on September 12 and 13 in the Napa Valley. “One Mind at Work – Accelerating a Global Movement” brought together leaders from major employers such as Bank of America, Sutter Health, Otsuka, Johnson & Johnson and Mercer, as well as representatives from key mental health organizations including the National Institute of Mental Health, the California Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission, Mental Health America, and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation.

The event featured panel discussions and interactive conversation with an invitation-only audience on a wide range of topics – from neuroscientific progress on mental illness to the business case for addressing mental health in the workplace. Other highlights included a listening session with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy and a fireside chat with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block on efforts to screen and combat depression on academic settings. The forum concluded with the presentation of the Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health by One Mind at Work to Levi Strauss & Co. for their admirable commitment to the mental wellbeing of their employees.

“This year’s event expanded on last year’s inaugural forum and was a huge success. We are building momentum around the issue of workplace mental health and our partners are taking action – an incredible testament to the difference that a small group of like-minded individuals can make, and has made, in the past year,” said Garen Staglin, Founder of the One Mind at Work and Co-Founder of One Mind.

In the past year, One Mind at Work and its leaders added employers as members of the initiative, established collaborations with leading mental health organizations, developed the “Pillars for a Workplace Mental Health Gold Standard” and the Serious Depression Calculator, and published a white paper on cognitive diversity and a report summarizing insights from CHROs at top companies. The combined impact of the members effects 1.5 million employees around the world.  One Mind at Work will continue to expand its partnerships across sectors in 2019 and will hold its 3rd annual convening in Napa Valley on September 11 and 12.

One Mind at Work: Accelerating a Global Movement featured prominent leaders from public, private, academic, and non-profit organizations, such as Leslie Bennett of the Stability Network, who was the keynote speaker at the event’s Welcome Dinner; Dr. Husseini Manji, Global Head of Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson; Dr. Shelli Avenevoli, Deputy Director, NIMH; Mike Thompson, President and CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers Coalition; Andrea Inserra, SVP, Booz Allen Hamilton; Tim Blevins, SVP, Optum; Mary Michael, VP, Otsuka; Dr. Nalini Saligram, Founder and CEO, Arogya World; Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO, Mental Health America; Toby Ewing, Executive Director, Mental Health Service Oversight & Accountability Commission; and John Boyd, CEO for Mental Health Services, Sutter Health. The events sponsors were Optum, Otsuka, The Hackett Center for Mental Health, and the Staglin Family Vineyard.

About One Mind at Work

Most of the world’s adult population spends 70% of their waking lives at work. The workplace and its leaders have a tremendous opportunity to improve quality of life for all people and play a critical role in driving mental health solutions. One Mind at Work is a global employer-led coalition, collaborating across sectors, industries, and national boundaries to transform workplace approaches to mental health.  One Mind at Work corporate members and non-profit partners include ADP, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, American Psychiatric Association Foundation, ArcBest, Arogya World, Atmos Energy, Bank of America, Farmers Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, the Kennedy Forum, Levi Strauss and Co., Mental Health America, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Silicon Valley Bank, and Steinberg Institute, Sutter Health and Walgreens.

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