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2022 Global Forum Summary: A Roadmap for Leading Practice in Workplace Mental Health

Our 2022 Global Forum provided an opportunity for our coalition to come together for the first time in several years. Our members made meaningful new connections and had the opportunity to hear from both research experts and field experts in the latest workplace mental health innovations. We presented the Mental Health at Work Index, which will accelerate our collective progress and give us critical metrics to track impact over time. And most importantly, we created space for honest and vulnerable discussions about what it means to truly lead in this space.

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CHRO Insight Series

The One Mind at Work CHRO Insight Series is developed through interviews with leading employers to gather key activities and actions in support of workplace mental health. These examples are designed to inspire other leaders to share their experiences in an ongoing journey of supporting mental health among diverse organizations, industries and workforces.

Learning Collaborative Summaries

One Mind at Work convenes small groups of select employers and experts to discuss workplace mental health challenges and opportunities unique to specific industries and sectors. These discussions offer diverse public and private sector organizations the chance to engage in peer-to-peer learning and exchange of ideas, insights and best practices in workplace mental health.