Scientific Advisors

The One Mind at Work Scientific Advisors is made up of some of the world’s top brain scientists and business researchers who represent diversity of thought, perspective, geography and function.

The purpose of the One Mind at Work Scientific Advisors is to bring to life the living laboratories of the One Mind at Work member companies, recommend and oversee One Mind at Work research studies, and translate those studies into actionable insight.

Each Scientific Advisor has been selected for their qualifications and related work experiences and will serve on the committee for a 3-year term. 

Alyson Meister OMAW

Alyson Meister, PhD / Chair

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) Business School. 

Having lived and worked in both North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Professor Meister specializes in workplace stress and mental health, leading diversity and change, and high-performing team dynamics. She is passionate about supporting organizations to cultivate globally-minded, resilient, and inclusive cultures and engages with clients across a broad range of industries – from mining and engineering through to professional services and technology.

Recognized as a Thinkers50 Radar global thought leader and subsequently nominated for the Thinkers50 Distinguished Leadership award in 2021, her work has been published in influential management journals such as: Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management, Human Relations, Journal of Management Studies, Leadership Quarterly and Harvard Business Review. She serves on the executive committee of the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division of the AOM and on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review.

Hailing originally from Canada, Professor Meister holds a PhD in Management (Organizational Behavior) from the University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School) in Australia. Prior to joining IMD, she was at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.  She can be found on Twitter at: @alymeister. 

Kathleen Pike, PhD / Co-Chair

Professor of Psychology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Director, Columbia-WHO Center for Global Mental Health and Chair, Faculty Steering Committee for Global Mental Health Programs at Columbia.

Kathleen Pike is a Professor of Psychology at Columbia University. There she is Director of the Columbia-WHO Center for Global Mental Health; Chair of the Faculty Steering Committee for the Global Mental Health Programs; and Deputy Director of the Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program.

Kathy earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Johns Hopkins University and her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Yale University.

An advocate for global mental health, Dr. Pike’s many talks on the topic include the TEDxTokyo presentation, “Don’t Call Me Crazy.”

Dr. Pike established the Columbia University – WHO Center for Global Mental Health, a leader in capacity building, research, and training in global mental health.

A world expert in the field of eating disorders and Fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders, Kathy is recognized for her cross-cultural work on risk factors and her leadership in the development of innovative, evidence-based treatments that help people recover their full quality of life.

Dr. Pike is the founder and President of the Global Fund for Mental Health, an organization that assists diverse mental health initiatives worldwide. Kathy has consulted on strategic initiatives addressing mental health at work to numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including Goldman Sachs/Asia Pacific, AXA Asia, Maybelline, and others.

Dr. Pike is passionate about stewardship, and has been a mentor to scores of emerging professionals who will be the next generation of leaders in mental health globally.

Kathy serves on expert advisory boards and committees for AbleTo, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Fountain House, Inseparable, International Rescue Committee, Mindful Philanthropy, and The Jewish Board.

Dr. Pike was awarded the 2021 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contribution to the International Advancement of Psychology.

Kathleen M. Pike, PhD is a mother, ceramicist, retired marathoner, and cycling enthusiast. She’s also the doting keeper of thousands of honeybees and is studying to be a Master Beekeeper. 

Carrie Bearden OMAW

Carrie Bearden, PhD

Director of the Staglin Music Festival Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States (CAPPS) at University of California, Los Angeles

Carrie Bearden received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and joined the UCLA faculty in 2003. Currently, she is a Professor in the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior and Brain Research Institute, with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Bearden’s research aims to understand neurobiological risk factors for the development of serious mental illness in youth, using converging methods to study cognition and neuroanatomy in clinical high-risk cohorts (e.g., adolescents with early symptoms of psychosis), and in highly penetrant genetic subtypes. Her recent work focuses on translational approaches to understanding disrupted brain circuitry in developmental neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly in the context of unique genetic populations. She is the Director of the Staglin Music Festival Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States (CAPPS), and a Principal Investigator of the multi-site Psychosis Risk Outcomes Network (ProNET), part of the Accelerating Medicine Partnership for Schizophrenia (AMP-SCZ TM )  program, which aims to identify biomarkers predicting psychosis onset in at-risk youth, and leads the 22q11 disease working group of the ENIGMA (Enhancing Neuroimaging Genetics Through Meta-Analysis) consortium. She co-directs the Neurobehavioral Genetics Training Grant at UCLA and is Assistant Editor of Biological Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, and on the editorial boards of Schizophrenia Bulletin, Neuropsychology and Development and Psychopathology.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology and chairs the DSM-V Serious Mental Disorders Committee and the Women’s Leadership Group of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.  Dr. Bearden has received numerous awards and honors, both for her research achievements and for teaching and mentorship.

Bonnie Cheng One Mind at Work

Bonnie Cheng, PhD

Associate Professor of Management and Strategy, Hong Kong University Business School

Dr. Cheng is an Associate Professor of Management and Strategy at HKU Business School. Her research is dedicated to corporate wellness. This includes working with companies and their leadership teams to build positive work cultures that help their people thrive. Her work has been published in journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Her research has been featured in leading media sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, and Harvard Business Review.

Eric Nestler, MD, PhD

Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience, Director, the Friedman Brain Institute, and Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

Dr. Nestler is the Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, where he serves as Dean for Academic and Scientific Affairs and Director of the Friedman Brain Institute. He received his B.A., Ph.D., and M.D. degrees, and psychiatry residency training, from Yale University. He served on the Yale faculty from 1987-2000, where he was the Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology, and Director of the Division of Molecular Psychiatry. He moved to Dallas in 2000 where he served as the Lou and Ellen McGinley Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center until moving to New York in 2008. Dr. Nestler is a member of the National Academy of Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Past President of the Society for Neuroscience. The goal of Dr. Nestler’s research is to better understand the molecular mechanisms of addiction and depression based on work in animal models, and to use this information to develop improved treatments of these disorders.

Jan Emmanuel One Mind at Work

Jan-Emmanuel de Neve, PhD

Director of the Wellbeing Research Centre, Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Jan’s research interests are in behavioural economics, public policy and human wellbeing. He is the Director of the Wellbeing Research Centre.

His research has been published in academic outlets such as Science, Nature, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Political Economy, Psychological Science, The British Medical Journal, and The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The underlying theme throughout his research is the study of human wellbeing. This ongoing research agenda has led to new insights in the relationship between happiness and income, productivity, economic growth, and inequality. His research was selected among ‘The Management Ideas that Mattered Most’ by the Harvard Business Review and he was awarded the inaugural Ruut Veenhoven Award for his contributions to the scientific study of happiness.

Jan has joined John Helliwell, Richard Layard, and Jeffrey Sachs as an Editor of the World Happiness Report. He is a frequent advisor to governments and businesses including the Gallup Organization and currently guides the development of the world’s largest study on wellbeing at work for the global job search site Indeed with over 5 million surveys completed so far.

Prior to joining Oxford, Jan was Assistant Professor in Political Economy and Behavioural Science at University College London and a Visiting Professor in Economics and Political Science at INSEAD. He is affiliated with the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE and is a faculty associate of both the Department of Economics and the Department of Politics at Oxford.

Jan obtained his PhD from the London School of Economics and was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. His research and commentary regularly feature in the media, including in The Economist, the Financial Times, the Harvard Business Review, and on the BBC. He is a frequent speaker at academic and non-academic conferences, including at PopTech and TED.

Alongside his role at Saïd Business School, Jan is the KSI Fellow and Vice-Principal of Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford.