Frequently Asked Questions​

What is One Mind at Work?

Established with initial funding from Founding Sponsor Janssen Research & Development, LLC, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson (“Janssen”), One Mind at Work is a global coalition of leaders from diverse sectors including business, medicine, research, education, law enforcement, the military and civil society. These leaders will join together with the goal of providing the transformational leadership we need at this historic moment in the evolution of mental health care, by championing proven, scalable approaches to raise awareness, eliminate stigma, deliver affordable access to quality care, build a culture of well-being and deliver better health and economic outcomes.

What will One Mind at Work do?

One Mind at Work is a coalition of chief executives and leaders of major employers, committed to creating the gold standard for workplace well-being and brain health. The founding members will select a set of priorities and identify specific projects, work streams and teams that are capable of generating systemic change in workplace mental health. 

Potential areas of future focus include an anti-stigma initiative, armed forces and veterans’ issues, mental health and the criminal justice system, equity in access to healthcare and funding for “open science” brain research.

Why are we creating a coalition of CEOs and other global leaders?

We need to break the logjams, from the lab to the community, that currently prevent people throughout the world from accessing effective mental health treatments to alleviate suffering. Every successful social, medical or social rights movement has drawn inspiration from key leaders. 

The issues of workplace well-being and brain health require true leadership from CEOs in particular for at least three reasons. First, CEOs care about the well-being of their employees and their families. Second, CEOs are needed to push through changes that involve many different constituencies. Third, CEOs can set the direction for the innovation and collaboration that can drive achievable changes and benefit millions of people across the globe.