The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

The 7th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

September 11 – 13, 2023
Napa, California

Global Forum 2022
The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

The 7th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

September 11 – 13, 2023
Napa, California

2023 Event Theme

Better Together

One Mind at Work’s growing coalition of employers has always been committed to shared learnings and collective action. At this year’s Global Forum, we were thrilled to showcase all the ways our members are leveraging the power of partnership to advance our shared mission of supporting the mental health of the global workforce.

2023 Global Forum

An intimate two-day event, exclusively for One Mind at Work member organizations and invited guests.

During our 2023 program, we showcased partnerships between industry peers, pilots between OMAW member companies, employers engaging with their communities, and how we can rethink the talent pipeline by understanding the impact of transitional moments. Some highlights include:

  • A holistic approach to mental health training and capacity building
  • The role of large regional employers in supporting employee and community wellbeing
  • Launching OMAW’s first industry vertical
  • Creating the evidence basis together via the Mental Health at Work Index


Our 2023 agenda featured global experts, our own members, and showcased innovations in measurement that will accelerate our collective efforts.

Day 1 | 09/12/2023

Keynote Speaker

Charles Clark

Charles Clark is a motivational speaker and the creator of the Thrive Planner. Before becoming an international speaker, Clark was one of the fastest men in the world. He is a 3x NCAA National Championship and USA Track and Field Championships silver medalist. Now, as a mindset expert, Clark shows athletes, entrepreneurs, and companies how to win in life. Today, Clark teaches people how to use adversity to build greater strength, success, and fulfillment.

Panel Discussion

Taking the Guesswork Out of Workplace Mental Health: The Mental Health at Work Index

Case Study

Accenture's Mental Health Ally Program

Geetika Bhojak, Global Mental Health Lead, Accenture

Panel Discussion

Mental Health Training and Capacity Building Programs as a Key Lever of Culture Change

Experts shared both manager and HR perspectives on the value and goals of training, and where disparities exist to assist organizations in understanding how organizations can ensure that they are well equipped to adapt to mental health needs at each manager level.

Moderated by Dr. Karen Fortuna, Dartmouth College


Wendi Safstrom, SHRM Foundation
Gheetika Bhojak, Accenture
Elisha Engelen, Aon


Connection Building

Ian Shea, I M Human

Panel Discussion

Deepening Roots - Employees at the Center of Community Engagement

In today's world, employees are not just individual workers, but members of a larger community in which they live and socialize. Employers have an opportunity to support employees and understand the impact of community pressures on their employees' well-being, while making positive change. Capital Group, Meteorite, MUSC and others have been successful in leveraging their roles not just as employers but also as community leaders for the areas in which they operate. Each organization shared insights on how companies can extend support to their employees, to those that additionally serve as caregivers to family members or loved ones, and the communities they serve to improve overall well-being and performance in the workplace.

Moderated by Ian Shea, I M Human


Amy Crespo, Capital Group
Stephen Massey, Meteorite
Dr. Alyssa Rheingold, MUSC


Bank of America's Workplace Trends Report

Anne Oxrider, Bank of America
Katy Schneider Riddick, High Lantern Group


Salus Awards

The Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health is awarded for outstanding organizational leadership in promoting workplace mental health. The award recognizes an organization that has championed workplace mental health on a large scale, demonstrated leadership within their sector, and represents the gold standard of One Mind at Work membership through proven commitment and positive results.

Day 2 | 09/13/2023

Panel Discussion

Fireside Chat

Moderated by Dr. Kathy Pike, Columbia University


Kathy Matsui, MPower Partners
Sabrina Cheung, AXA Asia & Africa

Panel Discussion

Fostering a Culture of Wellbeing: Lessons on Listening, Acceptance, and Compassion

In this panel, we delved into strategies and tactics used in psychotherapy and motivational interviewing. Attendees gained valuable insights on how leaders and managers can effectively utilize these approaches in the workplace, fostering a culture of wellbeing and promoting the overall health, wellness and happiness of their teams.

Mary Michael, Otsuka


Breakout Sessions

Three tracks to deep dive on the challenges our members are currently facing.

Option 1: Resilience and Wellbeing: Bringing the Knowledge into Action! With Elisha Engelen, Aon and George Vergolias, R3 Continuum

Option 2: Developing Supportive Work Policies: One Mind (Brandon Staglin) and Zavikon (Rebecca Beam)

Option 3: Legal Vertical Workshop: Firms + Members


Understanding an Industry: A Deep Dive Into Mental Health in the Legal Profession

George Demos, O'Melveny & Myers
Christina McCarthy, One Mind at Work

Case Study

EY's Work Design Pilot Program

Dr. Lynn Winstead, Associate Director, EY Assist

Panel Discussion

Tackling Work Design and Generational Divides in the Workplace: A Roadmap for Inclusive Culture

For the first time in modern history, there are five generations currently participating in the workforce. The ability to foster a workplace culture that is truly inclusive, supportive, and psychologically safe for all employees, regardless of their generational identity poses a challenge, but remains the ultimate goal.

One Mind at Work members leading efforts within their own organizations drove the conversation to discuss progress made so far and continued obstacles to overcome when it comes to how work design impacts employee engagement and how a supportive culture is critical to employee well-being. We also examined the challenges of managing across generational divides and how it affects the overall culture. To help build capacity for managers across all generations, we explored the employer's responsibility in this area and sought ways to support teams managed by managers across all generations, paving a way for a roadmap for a better workplace culture.

Moderated by Malcom Glenn, MH Equity Consulting


Misty Rallis, Kearney
Dr. Dana Udall, Headspace
Dr. Lynn Winstead, EY

Case Study

Kaiser Permanente's Mental Health Scholars Academy

Dr. Dan Gizzo, Director

Panel Discussion

Supporting Young People of Color at Critical Transition Points

Moderated by Dr. Kathy Pike, Columbia University


Dr. Jessica Isom, Yale School of Medicine
Damien Hooper-Campbell, StockX
Stephanie Bell-Rose, The Steve Fund


Remarks from The White House Domestic Policy Council

Jessica Schubel, Special Assistant to the President for Health Care

2023 Sponsor

Bank of America

Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health


The Salus Award is named after the Staglin Family wine label, named Salus for the Roman goddess of wellbeing. Each year at the Global Forum, One Mind at Work presents the Salus Award to one individual and one organization in recognition of a remarkable commitment to advancing the adoption of one or more pillars of the One Mind at Work Charter.

The 2023 Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health was presented to George Demos, Allison Friend, and Mary Ellen Connerty on behalf of O’Melveny and Myers for their exemplary effort in championing mental health throughout their organization and beyond, and demonstrating the gold standard of membership of One Mind at Work.

The 2023 Salus Award for Individual Voices in Workplace Mental Health was presented to Jeffrey Tan for inspiring action within his organization, Jardines, and for his tireless partnership with One Mind at Work and other mental health leaders.

Event Summaries

2022 Event Summary: A Roadmap for Leading Practice in Workplace Mental Health

2021 Event Summary: Taking Action to Address New Challenges in Workplace Mental Health

2020 Event Summary: Advancing Brain Health in the Workplace

2019 Event Summary: Transforming Workplace Mental Health

2018 Event Summary: Accelerating a Global Movement in Workplace Mental Health

2017 Event Summary: Launching a Global Movement in Workplace Mental Health


Do I need a ticket to attend?

Yes. The Global Forum is invitation-only and all attendees must register. If you are interested in attending, please contact This event is not open to the public and space is limited.

Registration to the event is free, but attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Which airport is best, how do I get to Napa, and where do I stay?

This year’s Global Forum will take place at the Archer Hotel Napa, located in downtown Napa. For reservation ease, a room block has been secured and is available through the event registration system.

The Archer Hotel Napa is located 60 miles north of the city of San Francisco, but easily accessible for visitors arriving to the San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) airports, as well as the Santa Rosa (STS) and Sacramento (SMF) airports. To get to the forum, we suggest renting a car, booking a shuttle service, or using a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber.

Transportation will be provided by One Mind at Work to the Monday evening reception and to the dinner on Tuesday evening.

Can I bring a guest?

You may request to register a guest, but we cannot guarantee that space will be available. We will maintain a waitlist up until the day of the event and will release tickets as they become available.

Is there press or photography at the event?

The Global Forum operates under the Chatham House Rule, so there will not be press at the event and no comments or statements will be directly attributed to an attendee without their explicit approval. We hire a professional photographer and publish a summary of the event that will be distributed to all attendees and published online.

Are meals included?

We will provide breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will host a members-only reception on Monday evening, and speakers and attendees are invited to dinner on Tuesday evening at the Staglin Family Vineyard but must confirm attendance in advance.

What is the dress code?

Most attendees dress in business attire for the forum, slightly more casually than they would in an office meeting (ties and suits are not necessary). Keep in mind that Napa in September can be warm, but the venue will have air conditioning. Dress for the speaker and attendee dinner is typically “business cocktail” – but no need to change between the forum and dinner unless it is your preference.