The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

8th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

May 6- 8, 2024
Napa, California

Photo of a speaker panel from the 2023 Global Forum
The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

8th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

May 6- 8, 2024
Napa, California

2024 Event Theme

Doubling Down On Mental Health and Well-Being In Times of Uncertainty

Individuals and organizations continue to face unprecedented levels of disruption and instability, introducing new insecurity into how we navigate our daily lives. Understanding what this uncertainty means for the mental health of the individual and the collective is critical to fostering supportive workplace cultures, and to developing effective strategies that empower employees and managers to lead with purpose and empathy.

2024 Global Forum

An intimate two-day event, exclusively for One Mind at Work member organizations and invited guests.

  • Exclusive Networking Opportunity: Join our invitation-only, members and partners-only convening of passionate leaders dedicated to improving workforce mental health.
  • Insights from Global Experts: Gain insights from world-renowned experts in the field. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring emerging trends and topics  in workforce mental health, delivered by leading global subject matter experts.
  • Inspiration Through Real-World Case Studies: Be inspired by the transformative work of your peers. Discover real-world case studies showcasing how members in the One Mind at Work community are making an impact.


Day 1 | 05/07/2024


8:00 AM

Sky & Vine (rooftop bar)

Opening Remarks

9:00 AM

Welcome & Opening Meditation

Kathy Pike, CEO, One Mind
Eve Lewis Prieto, Director of Meditation, Headspace

Featured Speaker

9:20 AM

Jeroen van Baar

The Uncertainty Paradox


9:50 AM

The Impact of Financial Uncertainty on the Employee Experience

Stephen Massey, Co-Founder, Meteorite

Dr. Jenna Glover, Chief Clinical Officer, Headspace
Laurie Mitchell, AVP Global Well-being & Health, Unum
Emily Watson, Senior Director, TIAA Institute

There is a connection between financial and mental health. And yet, employers often take the wrong approach to addressing this problem. Why is this connection so important? What strategies should leaders be taking to holistically support their employees?

Our panel of experts will explore how financial instability impacts employee productivity, morale, and overall mental health, shedding light on effective strategies for organizations to support their employees during times of financial uncertainty.

Thanks to the keynote speech from expert Jeroen Van Baar and the findings of TIAA’s recent report “Connecting Mental and Financial Health: Insights for Employers,” attendees will learn actionable strategies to promote resilience and well-being for their employees.

Coffee Break

10:50 AM

2nd Floor Lobby

Fireside Chat

11:35 AM

Connecting Mental Health and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Kathy Pike, CEO, One Mind
Chéla Gage, Vice President Global Inclusion & Diversity Officer, Starbucks


12:20 PM

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

Afternoon Welcome

1:20 PM

Featured Speaker

1:30 PM

Dr. Sara Gorman

How to Keep Data On Your Side


2:00 PM

A Call to Action for Business Leaders: Insights from the Mental Health at Work Index Annual Report

Elisha Engelen, Vice President, Health Transformation, Aon

David Ballard, Senior Scientist, One Mind at Work
Allison Friend, Managing Director for Talent Development and HR, O’Melveny & Myers
Craig Moss, Executive Vice President, Measurement , Ethisphere

In today’s data-driven professional landscape, leveraging insights is critical to creating impactful mental health strategies within organizations.    

Our expert panelists will discuss the findings of the Mental Health at Work Index Annual Report and offer diverse perspectives on how organizations can utilize this data to develop comprehensive mental health strategies that prioritize employee well-being. 

From understanding our new, abbreviated ‘foundation version’ of the Index to supporting purpose-driven initiatives within mission-oriented organizations, our discussion will cover a wide range of topics crucial for business leaders committed to fostering a mentally healthy workplace culture. 

Join us as we explore the power of data-driven impact and the essential steps toward creating inclusive, supportive environments that prioritize mental health.

Coffee Break

2:50 PM

2nd Floor Lobby

Special Session

3:20 PM

Looking at Mental Health and DEIB with a Global Lens

Case Study

3:50 PM

Mars's Energy Data Journey

Helen Wray, Global Mental Health and Energy Lead, Mars

Special Session

4:15 PM

Alignment for Progress - Achieving 90/90/90 by 2033

Rebecca Bagley, President and CEO, The Kennedy Forum

Salus Awards

4:30 PM

One Mind at Work's Salus Awards for Workplace Mental Health

Garen Staglin, Chairman, One Mind Board of Directors
Gordon Watson, Director, One Mind Board of Directors

Close of Day 1

4:55 PM

Closing Out Day 1 & Evening Logistics

Day 2 | 05/08/2024


8:00 AM

Sky & Vine (rooftop bar)

Opening Remarks

8:45 AM

Welcome & Special Guest

Kathy Pike, CEO, One Mind
US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo

Keynote Speaker

9:10 AM

Dr. Bonnie Hayden Cheng

The Return on Kindness


9:40 AM

Kindness in Leadership

Dr. Bonnie Hayden Cheng

Morra Aarons-Mele, Author and Host, The Anxious Achiever
Melody McClain, Director, Benefits, Levi's
Stephen Parker, CHRO, Kearney

Practicing kindness in leadership has a profound impact on teams. However, this approach to leadership is one that is often overlooked in today’s professional world.

With the exchange of best practices and lived experience, our panelists will explore how compassionate leadership fosters trust, collaboration, and innovation within teams, leading to greater employee engagement and retention.

Thanks to the principles and case studies outlined in “The Return on Kindness: How Kind Leadership wins Talent, Earns Loyalty, and Builds Successful Companies,” by keynote speaker Dr. Bonnie Hayden Cheng, attendees will learn practical strategies for integrating kindness into leadership practices – creating cultures of empathy and inclusion.

Special Session

10:40 AM

Put On Your Masks First: Supporting the Mental Health of HR Leaders

Mary Michael, Vice President, Patient Advocacy and Stakeholder Management, Otsuka
Clay Lord, Director of Programs, SHRM Foundation

Coffee Break

10:55 AM

2nd Floor Lobby


11:00 AM


12:30 PM

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

Afternoon Welcome

1:30 PM

Featured Speaker

1:45 PM

On Hope

Kathryn Goetzka, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Hope Officer, The Shine Hope Company


2:15 PM

Cultivating Hope and Purpose: Empowering Employees for Success

Beth Brown, Director, Arthur M. Blank Foundation

Shawn Griffin, President & CEO, URAC
Chief Justice Amy Nechtem, Massachusetts Supreme Court
Lauren Tevelow, Board Member, SeekHealing

The bottom line: many employees are burnt out. How do we bring our teams along on our organizations’ missions and shared set of goals and values? How do we keep our teams engaged in their work?

Fostering hope among employees in the workplace not only leads to greater resilience, motivation, and improved productivity, resulting in a better overall company performance, but also cultivates a positive work culture, enhances employee engagement, and promotes a sense of purpose–even in the face of uncertainty or adversity.

Thanks to the ‘Five Keys to Shine’ framework from keynote speaker Kathryn Goetzke and our expert panelists, attendees will learn strategies and best practices for how employers can create a culture of hope and purpose within their organizations.

Coffee Break

3:00 PM


3:30 PM

The Next Class of Innovators: Supporting the Mental Health of the Start-Up Community

Sushant Gupta, Founder and CEO, Meomind

Dr. Tahilia Rebello, VP for Science & Research, One Mind
Susan Solinsky, Co-Founder and CGO, Ellipsis Health
Luis Suarez, Founder and CEO, Sanarai

Special Session

4:00 PM

World Economic Forum's Healthy Workforces Initiative

Dr. Tahilia Rebello, VP for Science & Research, One Mind
Jacqui Brassey, Director, McKinsey Health Institute

Special Session

4:20 PM

Looking Ahead

Dr. Kathy Pike, CEO, One Mind
Brandon Staglin, Chief Advocacy & Engagement Officer, One Mind

Program Close

4:50 PM

2024 Sponsor

Bank of America

Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health


The Salus Award is named after the Staglin Family wine label, named Salus for the Roman goddess of wellbeing. Each year at the Global Forum, One Mind at Work presents the Salus Award to one individual and one organization in recognition of a remarkable commitment to advancing the adoption of one or more pillars of the One Mind at Work Charter.

The 2023 Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health was presented to George Demos, Allison Friend, and Mary Ellen Connerty on behalf of O’Melveny and Myers for their exemplary effort in championing mental health throughout their organization and beyond, and demonstrating the gold standard of membership of One Mind at Work.

The 2023 Salus Award for Individual Voices in Workplace Mental Health was presented to Jeffrey Tan for inspiring action within his organization, Jardines, and for his tireless partnership with One Mind at Work and other mental health leaders.

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Do I need a ticket to attend?

Yes. The Global Forum is invitation-only, and all attendees must register. If you are interested in attending, please contact This event is not open to the public, and space is limited.

Registration to the event is free, but attendees are responsible for their travel and lodging.

Which airport is best, how do I get to Napa, and where do I stay?

This year’s Global Forum will take place at the Archer Hotel Napa in downtown Napa. For reservation ease, a room block has been secured and a booking link will be shared shortly.


The Archer Hotel Napa is located 60 miles north of the city of San Francisco but easily accessible for visitors arriving at the San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) airports, as well as the Santa Rosa (STS) and Sacramento (SMF) airports. To get to the forum, we suggest renting a car, booking a shuttle service, or using a rideshare app like Lyft or Uber.

Transportation will be provided by One Mind at Work for the Monday evening reception and the dinner on Tuesday evening.

Can I bring a guest?

You may request to register a guest, but we cannot guarantee that space will be available. We will maintain a waitlist up until the day of the event and will release tickets as they become available.

Is there press or photography at the event?

The Global Forum operates under the Chatham House Rule, so there will not be press at the event, and no comments or statements will be directly attributed to an attendee without their explicit approval. We hire a professional photographer and publish a summary of the event that will be distributed to all attendees and published online.

Are meals included?

We will provide breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will host a members-only reception on Monday evening, and speakers and attendees are invited to dinner on Tuesday evening at the Staglin Family Vineyard. We would like to ask all attendees to confirm their plans for Monday and Tuesday evenings during registration so we can plan accordingly.

What is the dress code?

Most attendees dress in business attire for the forum, slightly more casually than in an office meeting (ties and suits are unnecessary). Remember that Napa in May can be warm during the day, but the venue will have air conditioning. Dress for the speaker and attendee dinner is typically “business cocktail” – but there is no need to change between the forum and dinner unless it is your preference.