The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

The 7th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

September 11 – 13, 2023
Napa, California

Stay tuned for more details as we build out this year’s program!

The Premier Global Event on Workplace Mental Health

The 7th Annual One Mind at Work Global Forum

September 11 – 13, 2023
Napa, California

Stay tuned for more details as we build out this year’s program!

2022 Event Theme

A Roadmap for Leading Practice in Workplace Mental Health

The 2022 Global Forum addressed the role of employers in supporting the mental health needs of the workforce as we continue to operate in a period of global uncertainty and disruption.

2022 Global Forum

An intimate event, exclusively for One Mind at Work member organizations and invited guests.

The Global Forum is invitation only, and convenes leading CEOs and CHROs, academic experts, practitioners and research partners working globally to advance discussions around workplace mental health and meeting the unique challenges employers face today.

For the first time since 2019, we convened a fully in-person event that showcased expert speakers, One Mind at Work members, and our key partners to share their insights on a range of important topics including leadership, measurement, diversity and inclusion, social determinants of mental health and fostering trauma-informed workplaces.


Our 2022 agenda featured global experts, our own members, and showcased innovations in measurement that will accelerate our collective efforts.

Day 1 | 09/13/2022

Keynote Speaker: Sponsored By Lyra

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tom Insel

In his new book, Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health, Dr. Tom Insel, former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), talks about the power of people, place, and purpose. Dr. Insel joins us to unpack these critical concepts that set a new path for transformational leadership.

Deep Dive

The Mental Health at Work IndexTM

The Partnership of One Mind, Columbia University and Ethisphere has created the Mental Health at Work Index, which is a standardized assessment of workforce mental health efforts that companies can use to score and benchmark their programs and services. The Global Forum marks the official launch of the Index! During this session, Dr. Kathy Pike and Craig Moss will provide a deep-dive on the Index, preview questions from the assessment via an interactive polling session, and lead a panel discussion with members from the Index Founding Corporate Council.

Panel Discussion: Sponsored by Liberty Mutual

Navigating the Next Normal: Mental Health and COVID-19

This discussion will address ways to create a psychologically safe workplace for employees as they re-adjust to new workplace dynamics, create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their mental health challenges without negative consequences, and how to implement strong support systems where employees feel are most needed.

Moderated by Desiree Pascual, featuring Morra Aarons-Mele, Kelly Greenwood, & Sarah Vinson.


Salus Awards

The Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health is awarded for outstanding organizational leadership in promoting workplace mental health. The award recognizes an organization that has championed workplace mental health on a large scale, demonstrated leadership within their sector, and represents the gold standard of One Mind at Work membership through proven commitment and positive results.

Panel Discussion

Gen Z and the Future of Work

Gen Z is entering the workforce with expectations for the social contract between employers and employees, and business leaders are being challenged to embed a healthy workplace culture to see this next generation of talent thrive. In this panel discussion we’ll talk about how that translates to work design, shared values, higher pay, and an increased focus on equity, representation, and of course support for mental health.

Moderated by Malcolm Glenn, featuring Meghan Grace, Roberta Katz, & Sophie Wade.

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Marcus Engel

Healthcare Speaker, Author & Compassion Consultant

As a college freshman, Marcus Engel was blinded and nearly killed after being struck by a drunk driver. Through two years of rehab, over 350 hours of reconstructive facial surgery and adaptation through a multitude of life changes, Marcus learned the importance of real human connection and of belonging. He will share his very personal experience and speak to the healing power of an individual who chooses to re-humanize and create connection, and a leader’s role in both.

Day 2 | 09/14/2022

Screening: Sponsored by Otsuka

Screening: Reaching the Light

Reaching the Light highlights the lived experience of three individuals living with major depressive disorder and follows their unique mental health journeys. Join us to view the 30-minute documentary and then hear from some of the individuals featured in the film during a live panel discussion.


Looking to the Future: James Platt & Daryl Tol

One Mind at Work will reflect on 2022 efforts and discuss strategic initiatives, collaborations, and goals of the organization for the next year.

Panel Discussion

Leading by Example in Mental Health

Leaders who prioritize mental health, create space for open conversations, and demonstrate genuine interest in their employee’s wellbeing, are catalysts for culture change. In this panel, One Mind at Work members will share examples of leaders taking action to make a meaningful difference in their organization through creative and sustained investments.

Moderated by Dr. Smita Das, featuring Ken Adams, Cathryn Gunther, & Lisa Singh.

Best Practices

Scientists Respond

Hear from our industry leading scientific experts as they react to what they have heard during the forum, as well as share best-practices for our members to consider.

Workgroups: Sponsored by Mars

Learning Collaboratives

Three tracks to deep dive on the challenges our members are currently facing.

Option 1: R3 Continuum Workplace Systemic Disruption Workgroup Facilitation – Leadership in Times of Systemic Disruption

Within this interactive presentation we will share proprietary data related to the varied types and frequencies of disruptive event and critical incidents that have occurred in the US over the last ten years, highlighting the shift from “sporadic” to “systemic” disruption. Attendees will learn strategies that can be used for maintaining the mental health and emotional resilience of both their workforce and leadership teams, along with proven self-care tips for high-performing organizational leaders.

Option 2: Supporting Contact Center Employees

Join this interactive session hosted by Healthy Business Coalition’s Sara Enright to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for employers with contact center employees. This discussion will contribute to a report by One Mind at Work and BSR’s Healthy Business Coalition into how companies can better serve their contact center employees with mental health services. We are building on the conclusions of our first report, “Tailoring Mental Health Efforts for Low-Income and Frontline Workers” by turning our focus to this particular workforce population. The aim of this project is to explore what kinds of investments and changes to work design companies have made or should make to create a more psychologically safe work environment and better support their workers’ mental well-being. No direct experience or expertise is required to participate in this workshop.

Option 3: Developing a Guide to Navigate Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being Issues, Involving Legal Issues in the Workplace.

Too often, efforts to normalize conversations around mental health in the workplace are met with resistance based on legal liability concerns related to disclosure and discrimination. How have leading companies addressed these concerns, even in the most restrictive and conservative industries? Futhermore, how can executives reframe the discussion to ensure a safe and supportive workplace for people to share their mental health experiences and needs? A small working group of One Mind at Work members came together to answer these questions and create a guide, which is currently still in development, to serve as a resource for organizations as they navigate mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being issues, involving legal issues in the workplace.

Join us for a candid discussion around the complexities in creating the guide, which in many respects mirror the complexities organizations face in their own journeys of providing support for their team members. We will discuss goals for the guide, and exchange ideas about content that will be most useful and relevant to organizations grappling with how to address employee well-being.

2022 Sponsors

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Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health


The Salus Award is named after the Staglin Family wine label, named Salus for the Roman goddess of wellbeing. Each year at the Global Forum, One Mind at Work presents the Salus Award to one individual and one organization in recognition of a remarkable commitment to advancing the adoption of one or more pillars of the One Mind at Work Charter.

The 2022 Salus Award for Workplace Mental Health was presented to Noel Siu, AXA’s Chief of Staff to the CEO on behalf of Asia & Africa, for AXA’s exemplary effort in championing mental health throughout its global footprint and demonstrating the gold standard of membership of One Mind at Work.

The 2022 Salus Award for Individual Voices in Workplace Mental Health was presented to James Platt for inspiring action within his organization, Aon, and for his tireless partnership with One Mind at Work and other mental health leaders.

Past Event Summaries

2022 Event Summary: A Roadmap for Leading Practice in Workplace Mental Health

2021 Event Summary: Taking Action to Address New Challenges in Workplace Mental Health

2020 Event Summary: Advancing Brain Health in the Workplace

2019 Event Summary: Transforming Workplace Mental Health

2018 Event Summary: Accelerating a Global Movement in Workplace Mental Health

2017 Event Summary: Launching a Global Movement in Workplace Mental Health


Do I need a ticket to attend?

Yes. The Global Forum is invitation-only and all attendees must register. If you are interested in attending, please contact This event is not open to the public and space is limited.

Registration to the event is free, but attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Which airport is best, how do I get to Napa, and where do I stay?

This year’s Global Forum will take place at the Archer Hotel Napa, located in downtown Napa. For reservation ease, a room block has been secured and is available through the event registration system.

The Archer Hotel Napa is located 60 miles north of the city of San Francisco, but easily accessible for visitors arriving to the San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) airports, as well as the Santa Rosa (STS) and Sacramento (SMF) airports. To get to the forum, we suggest renting a car, booking a shuttle service, or using a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber.

Transportation will be provided by One Mind at Work to the Monday evening reception and to the dinner on Tuesday evening.

Can I bring a guest?

You may request to register a guest, but we cannot guarantee that space will be available. We will maintain a waitlist up until the day of the event and will release tickets as they become available.

Is there press or photography at the event?

The Global Forum operates under the Chatham House Rule, so there will not be press at the event and no comments or statements will be directly attributed to an attendee without their explicit approval. We hire a professional photographer and publish a summary of the event that will be distributed to all attendees and published online.

Are meals included?

We will provide breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will host a members-only reception on Monday evening, and speakers and attendees are invited to dinner on Tuesday evening at the Staglin Family Vineyard but must confirm attendance in advance.

What is the dress code?

Most attendees dress in business attire for the forum, slightly more casually than they would in an office meeting (ties and suits are not necessary). Keep in mind that Napa in September can be warm, but the venue will have air conditioning. Dress for the speaker and attendee dinner is typically “business cocktail” – but no need to change between the forum and dinner unless it is your preference.