Global Leaders Make Commitment to Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Key Global Executives from Aon, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual and More Sign the One Mind at Work Commitment Statement Pledging their Dedication to the Cause 

RUTHERFORD, Calif. – October 14, 2021 – Leading mental health and brain research nonprofit One Mind has announced the establishment of the Guiding Council of One Mind at Work. The Guiding Council comprises key executives from some of the world’s most influential companies that want to improve the mental health and wellness of more than eight million employees and their families by committing to the Council’s mission statement:

Because we believe that human thriving is deeply connected to mental health status.

Because we believe that the workplace can have a meaningful effect on mental health. 

Because we believe that leaders have a responsibility to take evidence-based actions for positive effect.

We commit to leading a global movement to improve the mental health status of individuals and families through the workplace.

We will advocate for a workplace culture that reduces the stigma associated with mental illness.

We will design our work in a way that protects the psychological safety of our teams.

We will create access to mental health tools and treatments that are on par with those provided for physical health.

We will invest time and money to build the evidence, tools, and metrics that drive results.


The members of One Mind at Work’s Global Guiding Council include:

  • James Platt (Chair), COO, Aon
  • Paula Allen, SVP Research, LifeWorks
  • Greg Becker, President/CEO, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Alison Cupito, Senior Manager, Global Mental Health, Accenture
  • Mary Deacon, Chair – Bell Mental Health Initiative, Bell Canada
  • Brad Freer, Portfolio Manager, Capital Group
  • Robert Garrett, President/CEO, Hackensack Meridian Medical Center
  • Shawn Griffin, MD President/CEO URAC
  • Cathryn Gunther, Global Head of Associate Health & Wellbeing, Mars
  • Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & CEO, EXLServices
  • Craig Kramer, Mental Health Ambassador, Johnson and Johnson
  • David Long, Chairman & CEO, Liberty Mutual
  • Fiona McAslan, Wellbeing Lead, NatWest
  • Mary Michael, Vice President, Otsuka
  • Jeffery Tan, CEO, Ambassador for Mental Health, Jardines Mindset
  • Daryl Tol, EVP, One Mind
  • Gordon Watson, CEO Asia & Africa, AXA


These leaders, among many others, will turn this statement into action through One Mind at Work, a non-profit global coalition of employers and partners transforming how companies approach mental health and wellness in the workplace. One Mind at Work tailors its approach for each company it partners with to promote and support services to help employees thrive; such as custom training and assessment tools, employee culture programs, speaking events and research opportunities, among other solutions.

“This Guiding Council is a testament to how far we’ve come in addressing mental health and wellness in the workplace and how much more we can achieve. With the commitment of these dynamic industry leaders, One Mind at Work can continue to grow around the world and improve the outlook of millions of employees,” said Daryl Tol, executive vice president of One Mind and member of the Guiding Council. “We’re honored to be partnering in these diverse industries and with leaders who all share our commitment and dedication to this critical cause.”

“It is an honor to help create the Guiding Council of One Mind at Work and serve as Chair,” said Aon’s Chief Operating Officer, James Platt. “At Aon, we are committed to creating a culture where colleagues can be their best and authentic selves every day. To accomplish this, we must work with others to foster all areas of wellbeing, including mental health. I know my colleagues on the Guiding Council share this vision and I’m excited for the potential of this group and the impact we can have to improve mental health and wellness for colleagues and their families.”

Launched in 2017, One Mind at Work includes more than 80 global employers, research and content partners and more, including companies like American Express, Delta, Walmart and many others. One Mind at Work reaches more than eight million people and is an essential tool for employers supporting employees.